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Ah, the Days of Fall

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Well, here is original song #2! I just wrote the music and lyrics for it today. I am not a good guitar player though, so the music is pretty simple, but it’s an upbeat jam…and everyone loves those. Tell me what you think of them:

You know the days
When the sun peeks in through the clouds
The wind picks up
And everything falls down

Well I saw you standing across the street
You were staring at me while picking apples from a tree
The wind picked up as you fell to the grass
I stared in awe as you smiled and started to laugh

I thought, “This is the kind of girl I need
The kind who looks at everything with positivity
The kind who loves to look at me
The kind who smiles while falling from an apple tree”

So I crossed the street in hopes that we’ll get to meet
I put out my hand to help you up to your feet
But that’s when the wind had different plans for me and you
For I landed on my knees and fell down too

We didn’t say much because we were laughing too hard
We continued to laugh as we let down our guard
Some clouds came through and covered up the sun
But we didn’t care because we were having too much fun

Everything felt right as we lay there
Until I saw something I could not bear
The clouds that were covering up the sun
Turned to rain and that’s when she got up to run

The damn wind kept blowing me down
I saw everyone on the street running around
It was the biggest rain storm to hit this fall
Too bad on this court, I can’t keep the damn ball

I never did see her again after that day
The winter came through and the wind always stayed
In the spring, I moved back to my home state of PA
And I’ll always remember what happened on that Minnesota Fall day

Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

A woman picking from an apple tree

A woman picking from an apple tree


Written by spizthekid

August 14, 2009 at 12:58 pm

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Long Overdue

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So I have decided to reboot this blog of mine. I don’t have much now because I want to get outside to enjoy this wonderful weather, but look for part II later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Written by spizthekid

August 12, 2009 at 10:45 am

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