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Like Something From a Movie

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So I lied, part II is coming later tonight, but I just wrote some lyrics an hour earlier so I thought I would post them up here. I am currently working on writing the music for it now so we’ll see how that goes, but feel free to give me some feedback on these. It would be most appreciated. Here they are:

This feeling was like a sinking ship
Until the day we made eye contact
I lost all my blues because of you
Like something from a movie

But the unexpected turned to the expected
As we exchanged goodbye’s and what nots
All I had to say was “goodbye”
And nothing more, nothing more

And now the feeling is coming back
Like the Andrea Doria
But there are no survivors
Only a lonesome sinking ship

What am I to do now?
This feeling has had me trapped from the start
I was out of the dog house for a night
And I thought things would change

But because sitting and waiting gets me no where
It looks like I won’t be needing a map
Because I can’t cut loose from this routine
Where I can’t find the right words to say

How can I have this feeling
When all we shared was a gaze?
It was the most surreal experience
Felt like something from a movie.

Part II will be here later. That is it for now. Cheers!

P.S. Enjoy this picture of a lemon goat!

Now thats a nice lemon goat!

Now that's a nice lemon goat!


Written by spizthekid

August 12, 2009 at 6:13 pm

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First song titled, “Today’s Happiness”

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Instrument of Choice

Instrument of Choice

Well, this is the first song I have put up here and hopefully won’t be the last. But I would like criticism, so if you don’t think this would be a good acoustic guitar song then let me know. Like I said earlier, I’m trying to learn the guitar so we’ll see how that goes. So with that said, here are the lyrics:

Walking down the street
Nothing moving but my feet
Sun is out and bright
Today there is nothing but the light

Let’s enjoy today, today
And worry about tomorrow, tomorrow
Take some time off from work
Do something unheard of

Instead of you watching the animals enjoy themselves
Let’s reverse the roles for what seems like eternity
No timelines, no pressure, no worries
Except how to spend the day with your family

Let’s enjoy today, today
And worry about tomorrow, tomorrow
Take some time off from work
Do something unheard of

Tomorrow will come sure enough
But why waste time thinking about the future
When the present is yet to be lived
Run, run, run, and be free from the cages of work
(Let’s live life like it should be)

Let’s enjoy today, (today)
And worry about tomorrow, (tomorrow)
Take some time off from work
Do something unheard of

Now I am trying to make every song better than the previous one so obviously this will be the worst out of the six songs I am writing right now.

Written by spizthekid

October 13, 2008 at 6:31 pm

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