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Still Water

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I have noticed that there is nothing more peaceful than sitting by a body of still water like a lake when there are no boats. I think that if I were to write a book or an album of some sort, it would be mostly written near a lake. There is nothing better than watching the ducks floating by and hearing the chirping birds. The problem is when I would write my book, I would get distracted by the floating ducks and chirping birds, so my writing would look something like this: “Todd Schluber woke up from his annoying alarm clock to tell him it’s AHHHHHH DUCKS! 7 AM and it was time for work. As he got out of his bed, he had this look on his face that would scare AHHHHH DUCKS! demons back to Hell. Luckily for him, this would be his last of AHHH CHIRPING BIRDS AND FLOATING DUCKS! work for good.” That book would get real annoying fast. I guess that’s why there is such a thing as editing though. But I don’t know if I would want my book edited because it wouldn’t authentic anymore. It wouldn’t be the words straight from my head, but I guess it would be correctly written, grammatically speaking that is. I would that if I wrote a book, I would be good enough with grammar and word structure that when I went to edit it, nothing would be changed…that would be real nice. I hope one day to have the time to write an outstanding novel that would make the angriest man in the world, the happiest he has ever been. We’ll see.

On a separate note, summer is reaching its final days which means back to school. Usually, I would dread that day, but I really do like it at Kent State, so I am pretty excited to get back in the groove of things. Besides, this summer has been the coldest and wettest yet and I am not a fan. Summer should be a time of warmth, but this summer has been anything but. The one cool thing about this time of the year is I can really get into Death Cab for Cutie’s “Plans.” For some reason, this CD, to me, is best played in the transition period from summer to fall. It might have something to do with the song, “Summer Skin.” But it is such a Fall CD for me. And on that note, I guess I should sign off before I get too talky-talky.

I promise that part II is coming, I’m just trying to make it awesome. Not like this entry, so stay tuned. Cheers!

This is one heck of a peaceful lake!

This is one heck of a peaceful lake!


Written by spizthekid

August 13, 2009 at 6:35 pm

Posted in Life

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